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Going Green: The Environmental Advantages of HP Latex over Eco Solvent Printers


Printing technologies are becoming more important as our environment changes, especially when it comes to large-scale printing. In this article, we'll take a look at the impact of two of the most popular printing technologies - HP Latex and solvent-based printing - on the environment. We'll compare these two methods to understand how they differ in terms of their effects on air quality and other environmental concerns.

Ultimately, what effect do these different printing processes have on the environment, and which is the better choice for an eco-friendly future? This article will answer those questions and provide an informative look into the world of print technology's impact on our environment.

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How solvent (and eco solvent) printers affect the environment

Solvent printing involves a chemical process that releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Inks used for solvent printing consist of environment-unfriendly chemicals, such as ethyl acetate, toluene, and various petroleum products. These VOCs are harmful pollutants and reduce air quality causing health problems in humans such as eye and throat irritation and respiratory ailments.

Recent government regulations have been introduced in order to minimise the environmental and human health damage caused by traditional eco solvent printers. That being said, an alternative to solvents is HP Latex technology, which offers immediate drying times with no VOC emissions.

As a result, HP Latex printers are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of printing requirements, as a safe way to both protect the environment and create beautiful end products.

The environmental benefits of HP Latex printing

HP Latex printing technology is an environment-friendly and sustainable solution for printing, as it uses water-based inks that are free of VOCs and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). This eco-friendly printing solution has been rewarded with certifications such as ENERGY STAR, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, and ISO/TS 14001.

Moreover, its carbon dioxide emissions are far lower than solvent printing; particularly over the entire life cycle from manufacturing to disposal. In addition, HP Latex print cartridges are recyclable and contain no hazardous warning labels.

The HP Latex Printing Innovation Centre certification program promotes the responsible use of materials so that customers are assured that they are making a greener choice even when it comes to printing with the environment in mind.

Embracing Sustainability: A Profitable Path Forward for Businesses

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, businesses worldwide are recognizing the need to adopt sustainable practices. Not only is this shift necessary for our planet's health, but it also offers a competitive edge in today's market. Here's how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and why doing so is a profitable move.

Sustainable Innovation

Harnessing sustainable innovation in hardware, printheads, inks, and substrates is a crucial first step. Water-based inks, for instance, eliminate hazards associated with eco-solvent, UV, and UV-gel inks. By using eco-conscious substrates and materials with voluntary eco accreditations, businesses can offer greener products that meet consumer demand.

Rethinking Print Jobs

Adopting long-lasting solutions and rethinking print jobs can significantly enhance a business's sustainability performance. Accurate colour management ensures print jobs are colour-perfect when proofed and printed, reducing waste and costs associated with re-printing. Regular printer maintenance also helps avoid unnecessary waste and downtime.

Sourcing and Recycling

Sourcing materials from local manufacturers and suppliers with sustainability commitments can further reduce a business's carbon footprint. At the same time, recycling initiatives, such as reusing and recycling materials like ink cartridges, printheads, packaging, and substrates, minimize landfill waste. Many printer manufacturers offer take-back programs for materials that can't be recycled locally, providing another avenue for businesses to minimize waste.

Optimizing Packaging

Optimizing packaging and using biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable materials can further contribute to waste reduction. When purchasing new print systems, considering the recyclability and re-use of product components is another step towards sustainability.

The Profitability of Sustainability

Adopting sustainable practices isn't just beneficial for the environment; it's also good for business. Purpose-driven companies attract top talent, stimulate innovation, make quicker decisions, and foster greater customer loyalty. By implementing clear action plans and communicating transparently with teams and customers, businesses can track their progress and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

In essence, sustainable practices contribute to a more optimistic future for the digital printing industry—a future characterized by reduced waste, increased efficiency, and enhanced profitability. As businesses worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint, those that embrace sustainability will undoubtedly lead the way.


HP Latex printing is one of the best environment-friendly printing solutions out there. It omits up to 70% less carbon dioxide than traditional eco solvent printers, making it a much more sustainable choice. With HP Latex inks, you are also able to eliminate VOCs completely while still being able to print difficult applications such as wallpapers or outdoor signage with long-lasting durability.

Not only that, but this method can also reduce your total cost of ownership due to its low ongoing running costs and maintenance costs. Therefore, if you are looking for an environment-friendly printing solution then we encourage you to consider switching to HP Latex for your printing needs. It has advantages for both the environment and the business, making it an all-around better choice.

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient printing technology, HP Latex is the perfect choice for you! It not only produces exceptional prints with accurate details but also does it quickly. Plus, when you contact us to request a proposal on any HP Latex printer, we’ll help find a cost-effective solution that meets your needs and budget perfectly. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your operations today — get in touch with us to learn more and make the switch toward success!


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