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Elevate Productivity with Top-Tier A3-A0 Printing.

Step into the realm of unparalleled efficiency. The HP DesignJet T950 isn’t just a printer; it’s a productivity powerhouse. From an ingenious 40-page stacker to unmatched print speeds and stellar image quality, every feature is designed to propel your work to new heights. Where sophistication meets efficiency—welcome to the future of printing.

Empower Your Workflow: Dive Deep into the Excellence of the HP DesignJet T950.

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Experience the HP DesignJet T950: The Gold Standard of Efficient A3-A0 Printing.

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Swift Collection, No Hassle:

Get your jobs in an instant. A stacker holding up to 40 pages ensures swift collection and keeps you moving.


Precision in Every Pixel:

HP Flex Tech Inks are the secret behind your high-quality prints. Whether it’s intricate designs or detailed visuals, perfection is a print away.


Smart Workflows, Personalised:

Front panel one-click shortcuts: your scan and copy tasks have never been this tailored or efficient.


Always in Touch, Always Collaborating:

Your team, always connected. Share designs and insights using the intuitive front-loading scanner, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Exceptional Precision and Vibrant Hues with HP Flex Tech Inks

Experience superior quality, enhanced durability, and eco-friendliness with HP Flex Tech Inks. Ideal for printing technical diagrams, blueprints, maps, presentations, or posters, these inks allow you to convey your thoughts with clarity and efficiency.
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Superior Quality Across Various Uses


Experience exceptional precision, intense blacks, discernible greys, and vibrant colours with HP Flex Tech Inks. They are versatile enough for a range of applications, including technical sketches, blueprints, maps, presentations, or even posters.

Robust Ink Performance


Present your prints with confidence, thanks to the remarkable light and water resistance, print longevity,² and resilience against smudging and highlighter bleed offered by HP Flex Tech Inks.

Advancing Sustainability


Minimise your ecological footprint with HP Flex Tech Inks, the first inks in the large-format technical market to achieve UL ECOLOGO® Certification. Recycling is made easier with unlabeled cartridges. Plus, it's complimentary through the HP Planet Partners Program.

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Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Productivity?

Embrace a new age of printing with the HP DesignJet T950. Don’t just get things done—excel at them. Reach out today for unmatched offers.

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