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Find the Perfect Plotter for Sale to Suit Your Needs!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Are you in the market for a plotter? Whether it's for architectural drawings, engineering plans, construction diagrams, graphic design, or GIS maps – a high-quality plotter is essential. If you're looking to purchase one of these machines then look no further! We have all types of plotters available at great prices. From production-level large format printers to smaller models that are perfect for home use - we've got what you need when it comes to buying a plotter. With our selection of options, there's sure to be something that meets your needs and budget perfectly. So don't delay - explore our range today and find the perfect "plotter for sale" option that's just right for you!

HP DesignJet T630 plotter being used in an architectural office environment

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What is a Plotter?

A plotter is a type of printer used to produce large-format prints, typically for engineering and architectural drawings. Plotters can use a variety of technologies to create an image on paper, including pens, printheads, and lasers. While pen plotters are less common today, they can still be found in certain industries such as AEC firms.

Many modern plotters use printheads, which can produce higher-quality images at a faster rate. Additionally, some plotters have built-in drag-knife blades, which can also be used to cut materials such as vinyl or fabric. In this article, we will mainly be focusing on plotters with printhead systems.

Plotters are able to create detailed images with precise accuracy due to their ability to move the printhead across the page in a horizontal direction at high speed. This makes them ideal for creating intricate designs that require exact measurements such as blueprints or plans for buildings. They can also be used for artistic purposes such as printing photographs or fine art prints.

Unlike regular printers which use laserjet technology, or inkjet technology with small cartridges, large format plotters use much bigger volume ink cartridges with pigment black ink which offer crisp, dense lines, and the ability to archive the plans and documents. Nearly all inkjet plotters come with at least a 4-colour (CMYK) system, or even 6 colours to give you greater flexibility in neutral tones and fill areas.

Plotters are usually connected through the network using Gigabit Ethernet (100/1000Base-T), or in some cases even via Wifi with the latest models. This is so they can safely and quickly receive commands from software programs such as AutoCAD or Revit. This allows users to easily transfer their designs onto paper without having any manual input involved - making them perfect for busy professionals who need quick results but don't have time for tedious tasks like tracing lines by hand.

The cost of plotters varies depending on size, features, and brand name. However, there are many affordable options available online at websites such as ours which offer competitive prices on quality products from leading brands like HP, Canon, or Epson. Now let's look at the benefits of using a plotter.

Benefits of Using a Plotter

Plotters are a great choice for those looking to produce large, high-quality prints. With their ability to print at higher resolutions and faster speeds than standard printers, plotters can create intricate designs with greater accuracy and detail. Plotters also offer more accurate colour reproduction than other types of printing methods, making them ideal for projects that require precise colours or shades.

One of the biggest advantages of using a plotter is its ability to handle larger prints than most standard printers can manage. This makes it perfect for projects such as architectural plans, engineering drawings, construction documents, graphics designs and mapping applications where large templates and layouts are essential for seeing detail. The output quality from a plotter is also much better compared to traditional printing methods which often have visible dots or lines in the final product due to lower resolution settings used by these machines.

Plotters are also capable of producing multiple copies quickly without sacrificing quality, thanks to their fast output speeds and advanced paper-handling capabilities such as automatic sheet feeders and roll feeds. These features allow users to switch between different media sizes easily without having to manually reload each time they need a new type of paper stock.

Finally, many modern plotters come with software packages that make it easier for users to control their device’s settings while ensuring maximum efficiency throughout the entire printing process - from design creation all the way through delivery of finished products. This helps eliminate wasted time on manual adjustments and ensures a smooth workflow from start to finish.

Using a plotter can provide increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency when producing high-quality drawings or prints. With the variety of plotters available, it is important to consider which one best suits your needs before making a purchase. Let's explore the different types of plotters available in more detail.

3 Main Types of Plotter Technology Available

Thermal Inkjet

Inkjet plotters are the most commonly used type of plotter. They use special printheads to produce high-quality prints on a variety of media, including various papers, technical film, and even canvas. This type of printhead is typically composed of many small nozzles, each containing an internal heating element and a chamber filled with liquid ink. When the heating element is activated, it causes the liquid inside the nozzle to heat up until it reaches its boiling point, creating a bubble that pushes out a droplet of ink.

This process is incredibly efficient; allowing for high quality prints with good resolution even at high speeds due to its ability to precisely control the size and placement of droplets on the page. Thermal inkjet technology also allows for multiple levels of grey tones, which helps to achieve realistic images with a wide range of colours and shades.

It also generally needs little maintenance compared to other types of printing technology, since it does need to flush nearly as much ink through the nozzles to maintain nozzle integrity as other technologies, like piezo printheads. Lastly, thermal inkjet printheads are inexpensive to manufacture, so large format printing is very affordable at the low-end of the market.


These plotters use a technology called electrophotography to create the image on the paper. The process starts by charging a photoconductive drum or belt with a high-voltage charge. The drum or belt is then exposed to a light source, typically a LED array, which selectively neutralizes the charge on areas of the drum or belt that will become the image. The neutralized areas are then coated with toner particles which are attracted to the neutralized areas. The toner particles are then transferred onto the paper and fused together to create the image.

LED plotters are mostly used monochrome printing, which is one big limitation. LEDs are used in place of a traditional lamp in laser printers due to the fact that they emit a more stable light source and require less energy. They are known for their reliability and long life expectancy, which makes them a popular choice for both personal and commercial use.

From desktop to large format plotters, there is a wide range of sizes and features available for any application. With the right knowledge and resources, finding the perfect plotter for your needs can be made easier. Now let's take a look at where you can buy these types of plotters.

Piezo Inkjet

A piezo printhead is a type of printhead used in inkjet printers. It uses mechanical energy to generate droplets of ink that are then directed onto the print media.

The printhead typically consists of a number of small nozzles, each of which is connected to a chamber filled with ink. Inside each chamber, there is a piezoelectric crystal, which is a type of material that changes shape when an electric current is applied to it. When the crystal is activated by an electric current, it rapidly deforms and pushes a droplet of ink out of the nozzle onto the print media.

Piezo printheads are, however, more complex and costly to manufacture than thermal inkjet printheads. They also require more regular maintenance and come with a 'waste ink' factor as they require flushing to keep nozzle integrity when not in use.

Key Takeaway: There are a few different technologies to consider when it comes to large format plotters. It's important to choose correctly so that you don't run into problems down the line with an incorrect device for the task.

A Word on Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)

Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is a powerful raster image processing (RIP) software that is integrated into certain HP DesignJet Printers, as well as products from several other manufacturers. This advanced RIP technology offers numerous advantages to users over more traditional approaches, from improved colour management capabilities to enhanced performance efficiency.

When it comes to colour management, APPE provides powerful tools to ensure accuracy and uniformity when reproducing colours. This makes it particularly beneficial for GIS professionals, graphic designers and others who need precise colour matching. Advanced features include advanced ICC profiling, black point compensation and sophisticated algorithms for maintaining accurate, consistent colours throughout the image production process. Additionally, APPE enables users to adjust their own settings in order to achieve the desired result or even create custom profiles based on specific needs.

In terms of performance, APPE is optimized for fast printing and can handle large complex files with ease. This makes it ideal for use in busy production environments where expediency is a critical factor. The combination of optimized components and specialized algorithms can significantly reduce the amount of time required to process graphics-heavy documents compared to other technologies. Furthermore, its real-time feedback system allows users to quickly analyze and modify their work during the printing stage if necessary. If these features are important for your workflow, always check whether the manufacturer or specific printer model you are looking for includes the official Adobe PDF Print Engine as part of the built-in functionality of the printer. Some manufacturers include an emulation, which is not the real thing, so be careful when reviewing the printer specifications.

HP DesignJet Printers which include built-in APPE:

Plotter for Sale List

If you're in the market for a plotter for sale, they are a great choice to produce large, high-quality prints. Let's look at just some of the plotters we currently have for sale in the AEC portfolio:

For any other model, please contact us directly and we can happily assist you.

Pre-Owned Plotters

In addition to our stellar range of brand new plotters, we also offer an impressive selection of pre-owned plotters. Each one is thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure it meets HP's high standards of performance and reliability. Our pre-owned plotter range provides an affordable solution for businesses looking to maximise their budget without compromising on quality. These machines have proven track records of delivering exceptional results and are perfect for those who need a reliable, high-performance plotter at a more accessible price point. Interested in exploring our pre-owned options? Discover our range of pre-owned plotters here.


In conclusion, plotters are an essential tool for any architecture, engineering, or construction business. They provide high-quality output and can help you save time and money on projects. There are many types of plotters available to suit your needs, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. When you’re ready to buy a plotter for sale, make sure to give us a call to help you work through your options.

Are you looking for a reliable plotter that can help bring your ideas to life? Look no further than Graficomp! Our platform provides the best large-format printers and plotters at unbeatable prices. Plus, we offer consumables and printing workflow software to make sure you get everything needed for success. Don't wait any longer - shop with us today to find the perfect solution for all of your plotting needs!


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