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A Toast to the Legendary HP DesignJet 500: The Godfather of HP Plotters

Ah, the HP DesignJet 500—a name that evokes nostalgia for seasoned architects, resourceful interior designers, and the diligent engineers of yesteryears. If printers had a Hall of Fame, this iconic machine would have its portrait hung right beside the plaque that reads "Transformed an Industry." But like all legends, even this masterpiece had its curtain call.

Why We Loved the HP DesignJet 500

Affordable High-Quality:

It delivered top-notch quality without requiring you to break the bank. The DesignJet 500 was the budget-friendly gift that kept on giving, especially for smaller offices or workgroups of up to 3 people.


From awe-inspiring line drawings to photo-quality renders, this printer could do it all. And it did it up to A0+ size! It was like having a Swiss Army knife in your design toolkit.


With seamless support for HP-GL/2 and Adobe PDF, the DesignJet 500 was ahead of its time. Compatibility headaches? Not on its watch.

Why We Had to Say Goodbye

Trust us, if we could keep the DesignJet 500 in action, we would. But alas, all good things must come to an end. We're unable to provide parts or support for this legacy device anymore. Imagine trying to find a VHS player in an era of 8K Ultra HD; it's a tech scavenger hunt we can't win.

The Next Chapter: New & Pre-Owned Stars

Feeling a void? We get it. But don't fret, because the spirit of the DesignJet 500 lives on in our extensive portfolio of new and second-hand machines. This is not only about keeping up with technology but also about embracing advancements in sustainability and operational efficiency that could yield long-term cost benefits. Here are some paths you can consider:

Upgrade to the Latest

Consider stepping into the future with our new HP DesignJet Series. They've got the wisdom of the 500 and the muscle of modern tech. For example, the HP DesignJet T650 Printer is a worthy successor that incorporates smart technologies like mobile printing and delivers faster speeds.

Try Pre-Owned

If you're not ready for a brand-new commitment, we also offer pre-owned models rigorously tested to meet our quality standards.

Parts & Consumables

And yes, we still offer an extensive range of parts and consumables for our current models—everything from original inks to CAD supplies.

Enviro-HP DesignJet T2600-03.jpg

So here's to the HP DesignJet 500—may its memory be a blessing and its technological spirit guide us to ever-greater printing feats!

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